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Crinum Calamistratum Plant

Sold in packs of 1

Regular price $9.00 per fish/plant/shrimp

Please ensure the quantity is a multiple of the pack size. Orders with incorrect quantities may be subject to cancellation.

Freshwater Aquarium Plant

From our tank to your tank!

Note: Our Crinum Calamistratum is offered exclusively in an unpotted version. Please be aware that this item does not include a pot.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Laura J
Beautiful and healthy!

Arrived in perfect shape! Very happy with my purchase!

Sarah E
Really healthy

I got two of these and they are bigger than I expected and I’m really good shape, I’m planning on purchasing more when I establish my next tank.

allison elliott
just love my new Crinums!

These are so hard to find (that arent a fortune) and the two I received are healthy with a really nice root stock. They are such cool looking plants I cant wait to see them really take off!