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Acclimation Proclamation

FACT:  Fish are 99% water.

            Water has an enormous effect (good or bad) on all fish.

 FACT: Fish are quite resilient.

They can tolerate gradual changes, and can adapt to a variety of living conditions - good or bad.

FACT: Not all the water is created equal.

Although basically composed of hydrogen and oxygen, there are significant differences in temperature and chemical composition from one environment to another. Hardly noticeable to humans, these differences can mean life or death to your fish.

 FACT: Shock kills.

“PH Shock” and Temperature Shock” are the primary killers of most new arrivals. If new fish are not acclimated properly the ultimate effects of shock (which can take up to three days to show) will cause disease and unexplained deaths.


FACT: Shock is preventable.

There are simple steps that should be taken to acclimate (adjust) new fish to their environment. Remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


#1- Float all new arrivals in your tanks for up to 15 minutes. This helps the water in the sealed bags slowly equalize in temperature (become the same as) the surrounding aquarium water.

#2- After 15 minutes, make a cut in the bag just below the clip. Be careful not to cut off the “tail” (the portion of the bag above and including the clip), you will need that later. Open the “new Hole” you have created with your fingers and dip the bag down into the tank, thereby adding an inch or two of aquarium water in the bag. Use the tail of the bag to anchor it at the surface of the tank by closing the lid of the tank on it.

#3- Wait 15 minutes- repeat step #2 (adding tank water to the bag) at least twice, more if time allows. By mixing “tank water” into the “bag water” you help your fish acclimate (adjust) to their new environment.

#4- Finally, pour the fish with the water from the bags into the tank. Make sure the water from the bag is poured directly into the tank, even if the water is discolored. The fish NEED this water in order for them to adjust to their new home.

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