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About Us

Meet our team!

From our tank to your tank!

From a teenager to a not so old man, I (Gerry Hu:  Founder of Aqua Huna) have mastered the art of keeping and shipping aquatic life.  

  • We are the largest tropical fish importer and wholesaler in the Northwest. 
  • More than half our customers are repeat buyers!
  • We offer affordable prices and a $12.99 shipping fee for your entire order!
  • Sorry, we can not ship to anyone Hawaii and Washington State. 

We built our online store  to service small businesses and experienced hobbyists.

Beginners:  Please visit your local pet store. 

For DOA Refunds: Simply send us an email with a picture of the fish within the first 3 days of receiving your order and we will issue you a refund for the purchase price. Please refer to our DOA Refund Policy for further information.