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  1. Do you know when [fish or shrimp] will be back in stock?

Due to the COVID-19 situation, our stock selection is lighter than normal. Although we are still receiving imports, delivery dates are not guaranteed as commercial airline flights from import countries have been impacted. We will be releasing a stock notification tool so that you can subscribe and be notified immediately of restocks on directly on the product page. 

  1. Can you import a specific item for me?

We are unable to take special requests at this time. 

  1. Can I order fewer fish or shrimp than the amount listed for sale? I only need one.

We are unable to break the order quantities to less than the specified amount. Our business is designed to service experienced hobbyists and small businesses. If this is your first time buying fish, or are if you are looking for an individual fish/shrimp, we recommend visiting your local pet or fish store.

  1. Can I mix-and-match my order? E.g. 2 Red Cherry Shrimp, 1 Yellow Rice, 1 Blue...etc.

Picking out fish and shrimp is a very delicate and labor-intensive process and we are unable to accommodate mix-and-match requests at this time. No exceptions!

  1. Can I request a specific sex or physical feature (Exp: Longest fins or specific color) on my fish or shrimp?

Unless the sex is specifically listed in the title, we cannot pick out fish/shrimp of a specific sex. Sexing fish/shrimp is a very delicate and labor-intensive process, and is not always possible to do. There are some items that come specifically sexed, such as pair items (equal distributions of male and female), male only, or female only. These items will have the sex specified in the title. 

  1. Can I make a deal? I see someone else selling it slightly cheaper, etc.

We import and sell only the highest quality fish and shrimp, and offer them at great prices. We are unable to accept any lower offers, make deals, or offer volume discounts. The price that you see is the price you pay.

  1. Do you have wholesale pricing?

Yes! If you are a fish/shrimp retailer with a brick and mortar pet store and have a valid business license and reseller's permit, please contact ghgoldfish1@gmail.com. Once your business information is verified, we can issue you a stock list and pricing schedule.

  1. Why don’t you ship to Washington? Aren’t you based in WA? Can’t I just pick up my order?

While we are based out of Washington, we are primarily a fish and shrimp wholesaler to local small businesses, and we will not compete with our wholesale customers. We understand this may be inconvenient. However, we truly care for and respect those relationships and want our wholesale customers to have the best chance of success in their retail endeavors.

  1. What about shipping to Hawaii or other countries (international shipping)?

Due to very strict animal import laws to protect the integrity of local fish and wildlife, we are unable to ship to Hawaii. We are also unable to export our livestock internationally at this time. There are no exceptions to this rule.


DOA Policy:

DOAs (dead on arrivals) are an unfortunate part of shipping and receiving livestock. We do our best to ensure that all fish and shrimp are healthy before leaving our facility. However, shipping stress or other factors such as shipping delays and inclement weather can cause losses in transit.


Fortunately we have a very fair and simple DOA claims process. If your fish/shrimp arrive dead, please reach out to us at aquahuna@aquahuna.com within the first 3 days of receiving the your order to file a claim. The day you receive your order is Day 1. We require a photograph of the DOAs for your claim to be approved. If your claim is approved, we will issue a refund for the part of your order that was DOA. Please provide clear photos of the fish on a piece of paper or paper towel along with photos of how the fish arrived in their shipping container. We will need your name and order number in order to issue you a refund. Emails that are sent to us without any sort of information for us to look up your order cannot be refunded.


Livestock Notice:

We work with small livestock, purchasing live aquatic animals is not like purchasing hard goods. If the fish/shrimp that you order get sick, we will put your order on hold. We do not ship sick livestock. This is in the best interest of your fish/shrimp arriving to your doorstep alive and healthy. Sick fish/shrimp rarely survive the shipping process, and could spread disease in your tank. Your order is always subject to holds or cancellations if our stock isn’t well. If you order multiple items and one of the items is placed on hold due to poor health, we will ship your order without said item and refund it.