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Celebes Rainbow Fish

Sold in packs of 6

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Scientific Name: Marosatherina ladigesi

Other common name: Sailfish

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Can grow up to 3 inches, but usually smaller

  • Male/Female: Will be picked at random (no custom orders)

Customer Reviews

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Brianna Robinett
Active fish

These take 7 months to mature. All arrived alive but had some fungal issues but I got it taken care of. I'm just happy they arrived all alive. Did well through the meds and fungal growths are gone. They're picky eaters and the ones I received won't accept flakes, freeze dried foods, or frozen foods. They'll accept baby brine shrimp, mosquito larvae, detritus worms, live blood worms, and scuds.. so basically anything in the live foods department as long as it'll fit in their tiny mouths.