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GloFish, Assorted Danio

Sold in packs of 5

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Scientific Name:  Danio rerio

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Customer Reviews

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Private buyer

They arrived healthy and happy. This is the best place for fish

Lovely little fish!

I'm a new fish keeper and I bought some long-finned zebra danios from my local big box store they were somewhat healthy and the biggest one was picking on the smallest one. This is my first purchase here and I am super impressed. I know Danios are happier in bigger groups and I wanted some Glo danios. The AquaHuna danios I got were very robust, healthy, energetic, and big. They are also all peaceful and friendly and have taught my mean Danio from PS to behave and not pick on the little one. Shipping was great too. I'm glad they are in Washington because I am in Idaho so my fish didn't have to travel for a long time in the mail. Also, the tracking from Pitney Bowes was inaccurate and the tracking on the actual USPS site was correct. The USPS site told me to pick the package up from my post office which is what I needed to do and Pitney Bowes said the package was out for delivery which it was not.

April Mord
Colorful and full of life

Love the glow fish. The long thin ones came very healthy and full of life that's for sure. I recommend anyone who wants to have color in their tanks to grab a few.