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GloFish Green Tetra

Sold in packs of 5

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Scientific Name:  Gymnocorymbus sp.               

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Babe Wortham
Peaceful schooling fish.

These kind of stuck in their own group for around 8 hours, then schooled with my other tetras. These are NOT fin bitters, so they do really well with my bettas. All pretty much mid tank swimmers. Good appetites. If you have a school it is really fun to watch them eat. I have had these in three tanks, switching them. These have had no stress or any health problems. They are well worth the money if you need some color and mid tank swimmers for your tank.

Beautiful Glo fish

Received 6 green Glo fish along with about 30 other fish.The Glo fish are very pretty and lively so much better than the ones I purchased from the local pet stores and at a much better price. These are for my wife's 75 gallon aquarium and she is so very happy that I bought them for her. I will be purchasing more of another color very soon.