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Green Neon Tetra

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Scientific Name:  Paracheirodon simulans

From our tank to your tank!

Note:  We do not send the wrong fish!  If you do not know what Green Neon looks like, please do not buy Green Neon Tetra from us.  We have had some uneducated customers give us bad reviews even though we explained to them that they received the correct fish.  By the way, we do not delete bad reviews.

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Customer Reviews

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Jordana Mars
Perfect Quality!

BEST SHIPPER ON THE INTERNET! Beautiful 🤩 young fish, great quality, Super safe&fast shipper!

Paul Chippindale
These are real green neons

I've gotten quite a few green neons from him over the last few months, and these are definitely the real thing. I have a school of about 30 in a 29 gallon tank. I've only lost one of the medium sized ones he sent me. I did have an unfortunate experience with some really tiny ones that I got recently, so just realize that larger fishes (even tetras like larger black phantoms) will eat very small other fishes. I should have known better than to put them into that tank; there was nothing wrong with them, they were just too small. I would ask about size if you have anything in there that would be likely to eat them.

There are three species of neon-types: the original neon tetra, which is quite hardy and has most red nearest the tail, the classic cardinal tetra with the glowing red all the way underneath the blue-green stripe and is a bit more delicate (they need warmer water, high 70s at least) and this species, with red about halfway along the underside. It does fine for me at about 75-76 F and is my favorite. Whether you want to call them "green" depends on the angle you're looking from. They look more blue from below, turquoise from the side, and more green from a higher angle. But these are the real species, just be careful about the size if you have anything much larger in the tank (which means nearly anything except maybe Corydoras or shrimps).

Beautiful, healthy fish

Following the acclimation procedure + patience = happy, healthy fish. I love the care put into their shipping process. Thank you!