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Indian Ricefish

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Scientific Name:  Oryzias dancena

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Aqua Huna doesn't disappoint

I ordered 12 of these guys who arrived alive and well...got a school of 6 each in 2 separate tanks for a breeding project. One planted heavily and the other barely planted. So far the emptier tank has all of em schooling around. Hopefully, these last as long as my other Rice-fish lasted....about 2 years! Very underrated, may order some daisy's in the future!


I put 6 into a forty gallon outdoor mini pond a month ago. Also in the pond for 2 months were feeder guppies and feeder minnow, along with some snail, plecos, and floating plants(water hyacinth, duck weed, salvinnia). A heatwave claimed most of the feeder fish. I cleared out half of the hyacinth and noticed when I fed live brine shrimp there was 40+ fry and that was looking into a very small clearing. I cannot imagine how many fry are there but the Indian rice fish is amazing! So is Aqua Huna!
Ordering from Aqua Huna is easy.

Just As Beautiful As Medaka, Underrated Species

I just LOVE them. While there was some trouble with USPS getting these guys here later than I'd like, everybody made it! I am seeing females carrying eggs every day and have begun collecting them, so the next generation can be born! These fish are very friendly with their tankmates, Strawberry Rasboras and Asian Stone Catfish, in my 29 gallon.