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Royal Farlowella

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Scientific Name: Sturisoma Panamense

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Adam M

A beautiful unique fish, always moving and working on algae.

Melissa Randall
Talk about cute!

Came in healthy and active. Not shy at all.

Paul Chippindale
Includes albinos

I've gotten several of these from them over the last year or so (one was DOA, but that happens). These are captive bred and have done well; mine have access to lots of algae, driftwood, etc. and yes, random wood from your yard is fine as long as it's not coniferous (pine, fir, spruce, juniper etc.). They go for algae wafers, but do give them natural wood as well. They really like squash that's been boiled quickly too.

There are albino genes mixed in with these (albino is pretty common with tank-raised and there is a whole albino line that's bred extensively). One seemed very pale and I thought it was tank conditions etc., but I've been doing this for a long time and as it grew I realized that no, this is a real albino (or to be more accurate, leucistic, which means albino with normally colored eyes). It's doing just fine and growing, but these are not pure "wild-type" although the others are the usual marbled color.

I generally don't care for albino anything but this is a nice fish that's doing well. If you're planning a breeding project though, realize that albino is in there so don't be surprised if you see some.