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Silver Hatchet

Sold in packs of 5

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Scientific Name:  Gasteropelecus sternicla

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Customer Reviews

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Christopher Murphy
Healthy fish!

Beautiful, healthy fish, as usual! I've ordered half a dozen, dozen? times from aquahuna and have never had an issue. Thanks again!

Very satisfied with my 1st online purchase

As stated this was my first online purchase, I just have not been able to find any livestock I wanted at my LFS. I ordered 5 of these Hatchets on Saturday, they were shipped on Monday and at my home on Wednesday.

They arrived looking fine and pretty active for being in a bag for three days. I acclimated them according to the enclosed instructions, 24 hours later they have really gotten their shine back and are very active, eating just fine and have made themselves right at home in their new 55 gallon tank.

I will definitely be back once everything has settled in. If you are on the fence, as I was about buying livestock on line, rest assured if you shop here you will not be disappointed.