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Kuhli Loach

Sold in packs of 6

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Please ensure the quantity is a multiple of the pack size. Orders with incorrect quantities may be subject to cancellation.

Scientific Name:  Pangio kuhlii    

Other common names: Coolie Loach or Prickly Eye

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All fish are picked at random - we can not guarantee male to female ratio

Can grow up to 4 inches

See video below:

Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
Gunners Fishroom

The fish came in very quickly and healthy!! They look great

Rebecca Ramer

Arrived all healthy, with nice big khulis. I was nervous about buying, but I'm so glad i did.

M. Natosi
Great addition to my tank

I ordered 12 which came in two bags of six. There was a variety of sizes from not quite tiny to a tiny bit chunky and all were active.
I acclimated them as described (which is only slightly different from my usual method).
We did lose one a few days later but three weeks later the rest appear to be thriving.
It only took about a week before they were comfortable enough to venture around the tank at random, often lounging on the cryptocoryne leaves on the darker side of the tank.
At feeding time we get a noodle fest exactly as anticipated... they are very brave, often gathering right up to, and around, our tank's queen pleco to get any loose bits she misses and I often see them hanging out near the cories.
Totally love these guys, highly recommend!