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Scarlet Badis

Sold in packs of 6

Regular price $5.50 per fish/plant/shrimp

Please ensure the quantity is a multiple of the pack size. Orders with incorrect quantities may be subject to cancellation.

Scientific Name:  Dario dario

Current size: about 1/2 inch

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All fish are picked at random - we can not guarantee male to female ratio

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Dawsons Donovan
All alive and well


New Favorite Fish!!!

I ordered 6 of these little guys (along with other fish) and every fish arrived alive, even after a usps shipping delay and being bagged in a box for 5 whole days! They were really pale but colored up nicely within a couple hours of being introduced to the tank! They sure like to hide in my heavily planted tank but come out quickly with some freshly hatched baby brine shrimp! These fish are the cutest!!! Like cichlids that stay babies forever! Hah! I highly recommend this place!!

Matthew Herr
Sick fish

When they arrived, two of them were already dead, and the rest of the 4 were weak and sick. I got a refund for the two DOA but over the course of 2 days, two more died and only two were left. I usually get good fish hauls from aqua huna but this batch was sick and ill. I'm currently fattening up the last two scarlet badis with live bbs and have been treating them with medications. Its working but I am disappointed that 4 out of the 6 sadly passed away