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Hillstream Loach / Borneo Sucker

Sold in packs of 2

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Note:  Borneo Suckers can be any of the species listed below.  They are wild fish, and it depends on where they were collected!

Scientific Name:  Pseudogastromyzon Myersi

                              Gastromyzon punctulatus

                              Gastromyzon zebrinus

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Spunky Little Fishies

I purchased a pair of Borneo Suckers and they arrived what appeared to be healthy and well. They were lively as soon as they were introduced to the tank and they are great fun to watch. Theses are interesting fish that stay small but have a lot of personality. I do wish that you could purchase an odd number of these fish. It is a smaller tank, so three would have worked (they do better in larger groups) but four would have been considered too many in this tank.

Lisa Norton
Best Algae Eaters

So adorable and such busy little guys! I already had 4 that I bought from here a couple of years ago, but I needed a couple to go in a new 8 gallon tank. It's filled to maximum capacity with Anubis petite and Horn wort that has some black algae on it. After only a week it's already looking after about 35% better!
These fish are hardy and smart! Hanging filter for a little water movement, real wood 🪵 for them to munch on a little and live plants that need cleaning! Do that and you have super amusing, A+ algae cleaners for years!

Lydia Vanasse
Doing well

I received 2 borneos 3 days ago and they are doing great so far!