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Licorice Gourami

Sold in packs of 6

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Scientific Name: Parosphromenus deissneri

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Customer Reviews

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Good and bad

I ordered a 6 pack of these guys but the post office had a problem with getting me my package and there was a delay, i only got two alive now but the two are really nice and cool. they are doing good and are in quarantine at the moment but they are eating and can't wait to order some more once my refund goes through.


Purchased over 30 of these all of them are doing great

Interesting gourami

I would not buy these on a whim, careful research is needed to keep this little fish happy and healthy!

I did a lot of researching on keeping these guys and finally set up a tank for them. They need special care, I'm using melted snow/ rain water with botanicals to get the pH below 6. It's only been a few days since I've gotten them acclimated but they are doing surprisingly well! At first one of the small ones had a droopy back end, the next morning it is perfectly fine. One of the medium sized fish has a scrape/bump on it's head but behaviors normal like the other 5. They are happily eating their live food and even pecking at dried foods. So far the group likes to stick together, looks like 2 big males and 4 young ones/females. I got to see one of the males displaying to the other, very cool to watch!

Not entirely sure these are P. deissneri but their care should be the about the same regardless. Hopefully they'll be happy enough to spawn for me and become less shy with time. They are my very first blackwater species but I think I can care for them pretty well despite being a novice with soft water fish.