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Panda Cory

Sold in packs of 6

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Scientific Name: Corydoras Panda

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Customer Reviews

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Was good till I noticed one was deformed

Received all my corys and they were extremely fun to watch. I did consistently notice only 5 was swimming all over the tank but didn't think too much of it since there were areas where you couldn't see any fish behind plants. About day 6, I actually saw all 6 swimming. That's when I saw one of the cories had a dip in its head and really small barbels compared to the rest of the cories.

I did try to catch that specific Cory to put it into a hospital tank but it swam into the plants behind rocks and it wasn't something I could mess up as I also had Khuli loaches and a Betta. I unfortunately found that cory dead a day after trying to catch it to put it into a hospital tank. I was sad I wasn't able to do anything to attempt to save it since it was hiding most days

Amanda Jenkins

These guys are ADORABLE!! They all came in healthy and are so active. Every time I walk by them I have to stop to watch and say "Awww!!" I have lots of different kinds of Cories but these are THE. CUTEST.

Dave Sefcik
Excellent experience

Fish arrived quickly and safely