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Pygmy Cory

Sold in packs of 6

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Scientific Name: Corydoras pygmaeus

Captive bred (Available Seasonally Only)

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  • Male/Female: Will be picked at random (no custom orders)


Customer Reviews

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Christian Rivas Rivera
Great Nano Fish

The cories arrived and looked pale in the bag but colored up during a long acclimation and went right to digging around the substrate within 2 hours. One of the 12 I ordered seemed to have some swim bladder issue and struggled to keep themselves still, passing away after a week of living in the tank but 1/12 dying is better odds than my LFS and sort of expected with such small fish (they're around 60% of the size of my adult pygmy cories).

Cory’s, CPD’s and Ammano Shrimp

I received my complete order in a timely manner. All fish and shrimp arrived alive and all handled the acclimation process very well. I had one death in the coming day, but it’s bound to happen when shipping fish. No fault of Aqua Huna in any way. I am overall thrilled with my order and can’t wait to watch my little dudes grow up.

Healthy fish

At first I ordered 6 pigmeys and then 6 more after a week. All of them arrived healthy and and adapted to my community tank easily. The price and shipping cost are reasonable so definitely buy from AquaHuna again.