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Singapore/Bamboo Shrimp

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Scientific Name:  Atyopsis moluccensis

Singapore/Bamboo Shrimp - 3 pack

Note:  Bamboo Shrimp are very scarce, and they are wild caught.  We do get small size sometimes.  Please do not order them, if you do not want small size.

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From Wikipedia: Atyopsis is a genus of freshwater shrimp from Southeast Asia. They are found on high islands from Sri Lanka to the Samoan Islands, and as far north as Okinawa, as well as on the Asian mainland from the Malay Peninsula to India. When kept in the aquarium this species prefers to have a moderate water flow. This shrimp feeds using its feather like claspers to filter particles from the water. If food is scarce you may find them foraging through the substrate. Like any other crustacean the bamboo shrimp will molt in order to grow. During this process the shrimp is very vulnerable to predation so ample hiding spaces should be provided e.g. small cave structures, dense foliage, etc. Its diet consists of plant and or algae particles.

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