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Strawberry Rasbora

Sold in packs of 10

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Scientific Name: Boraras naevus

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Customer Reviews

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Cyndi F.
Spawned within the week!

EDIT: Fry have matured and have proven to be dwarf neon rainbows. Strawberry rasbora are still looking good!
Ten of these little guys arrived on a Monday - put them in my plant holding tank which was absolutely FULL of plants. Five days later, there was fry! I wasn't prepared for fry so I just fed them finely crushed krill and hoped for the best. A month and a half later, and they are still thriving! They haven't colored up yet, though and they are tiny, so its hard to tell. Very happy with them!

Don George
The best quality

Purchased 10 of these was worried all 10 would make it (how silly) all came alive and perky. We still have all 10 and are getting ready to setup another tank with these and quite a few others.These people are the best.

Great looking little guys!!!

Nice and well fed! Active even in the shipping bag, no deformed fish or wasted sunken in stomachs. Being as small as they are I chose to drip acclimate even though the water they came in was almost the same as the tank they went in here (there was enough water in the bag for a full round of testing), except that my 16 gal has a moderate amount of tannins from the driftwood that I wanted them to adjust to... Went in with my snowball shrimp and are doing great. Since they are the only fish and they look healthy I choose not to put them through a quarantine tank. I will definitely be back for more fish in a month! Hoping to see the Phoenix Rasboras again! If not I will probably add some Chili's to them instead.