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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Betta fish

My Betta arrived stressed but which fish isn't from shipping. He had a huge glow up in color after 3-4 hours from pale blue and red to a vibrant blue and red.

He was super skittish at first, now he steals the corys and loaches food and activities swings towards me expecting food. He's gotten bloated so now he's forced to fast.

Robert Vollbeer

My first Betta Fish after all these years, super pleased with my purchase & how agreeable she is with my other tropical fish

Franklin Morton
Great place for buying fish

I have played several orders with aquahuna every single fish that I have bought has arrived healthy and are still alive haven't lost one single fish that I've bought from them I will continue to place orders in the future to this company it's a great company to buy your fish from they handle all your needs and any problems that might arise