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Customer Reviews

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Private buyer
Alive and well

I have a lot of fish tanks and I enjoy the wide selection that AquaHuna provides

Jennifer Blouch
Beautiful betta!

I've had my little guy (galaxy plakat) for over 2 months, and he's so happy. Beautiful coloring. He was shipped in just a few days. I really enjoyed the process of picking him out via live stream. Will definitely order again when it's time.

Lisa Pickens
Female Betta Sorority

My bettas from Aqua Huna are the healthiest, more peaceful, longer living fish that I have in my 75 gallon community tank. I now have over 20 and the variety of colors is a joy to watch. I started a beta sorority almost two years ago and the ones I started with from aqua huna I thought were too expensive so I tried others which proved to be a bad idea. The ones from Aqua Huna are still living and lively, the ones from other places died in about a month. I will stick with Aqua Huna, just wish they would add more light on the Bettas.