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Blue Mystery Snail

Sold in packs of 2

Regular price $2.25 per fish/plant/shrimp

Please ensure the quantity is a multiple of the pack size. Orders with incorrect quantities may be subject to cancellation.

Scientific Name:  Pomacea bridgesii.

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For DOA Refund Requests: Photos are Required!

Domestic shipping only!  Sorry, we cannot ship to anyone in Hawaii & Washington State.

Please note: Snails come wrapped in a paper towel when shipped. Please look for this before throwing away any of the shipping materials that come with your delivery.

Recommended temperature: 69 to 71 degrees Fahrenheit 

  • Male/Female: Will be picked at random (no custom orders)

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Kathy Catron
Survived in spite of horrible post office action

These little beauties were ordered along with 2 hillstream loach.
I didn't receive the delivery notification until today, when according to the postmaster they were actually delivered yesterday.
The stupid letter carrier actually put them in the mailbox, which is down the street and around the corner on the main road (we live in a rural area). I have a PO Box, only my husband receives mail in the mailbox and he doesn't check it every day.
For some reason, even packages that have my home address and SHOULD be delivered directly to my doorstep are usually held at the Post Office. I made a point of going in there last Monday to tell them I'm expecting a package with live fish, they need to deliver them to my house. I was assured that they would be (we live in a small town, the postmaster and letter carriers are familiar with us).
There was NO reason a package marked with "live tropical fish" should be placed in a hot mailbox!
Upon opening the package I found the fish alive and active, the snails wrapped in wet paper towels. After acclimation the fish are happily "working" in the tank, one of the snails IMMEDIATELY took off exploring his new environment. The other snail is alive, but currently is not active. This is normal, sometimes they take a couple of days to get going.
I'm over the top happy with Aqua Huna, only extremely healthy fish could have endured what these little guys went through!

Brianna A
2 of 4 okay

Ordered 4 and some green shrimp, two of the 4 snails are okay so far, but the other two have big cracks or chips in their shells. They seem okay so far but I'm sure the one with the big chip taken out of it (it looks like it has a sharp edge) will have problems in the future. They're really beautiful snails, I also am confused because I never received a confirmation email OR a shipping email!!!! Thank god I had been checking outside repeatedly because who knows what could have happened if I hadn't! I'm also in Indiana and it was 38 (30 with wind chill) last night and there was no heat pack!!

Melissa K.
First time ordering live fish, shrimp, & snails!

Ordered only 2 of these guys and when they arrived, they quickly started coming out of their shells once I added them to my tank. They're very much GORGEOUS! Very happy these were in stock when I was ordering my fish (none DOA). Great first experience getting fish shipped out to me. Thank you, Aqua Huna!! 💙