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Orange (Von Rio) Tetra

Sold in packs of 8

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Scientific Name:  Hyphessobrycon flammeus

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Hope B

These little guys arrived pretty washed out from shipping but are already coloring up after just a few hours in my tank. They're absolutely precious chasing each other through my plants. A couple of them are SO much smaller than the rest and they're absolutely ADORABLE. They add a nice pop of energy to my previously mostly bare tank. I think I'm gonna add 8 more next time they're in stock.

Brought my tank to life

I have a 120 with a mix of Tetras, Barbs and Corydoras all in good size schools. All 16 arrived alive and well, slowly acclimated them to the tank over about an hour. It's been about two weeks since adding 16 of these and the tank has since come to life. I'm not sure what these new guys are doing but all my fish our out now and swimming about. Even the shy Orange Glow Tetras are out during feeding time.

Great looking fish

Ordered 8 Von Rio Tetras. They came looking healthy and active. After 10 days in quarantine they are doing great, look stunning and eating well.